M Class Corner

Don't forget to check your mooring at least once per year.

In recent months several boats have come adrift due to moorings not being regularly inspected below the water.
It is advisable to have your mooring pulled completely out and inspected thoroughly for wear. Any worn hardware or rope should be replaced.

After a strong blow mooring lines above the water should be checked to ensure they are still in place and haven't slipped out of the bow roller and become frayed.

M Class Tenders  (This notice - Posted 13/12/2011 10:05pm)
An inventory of M Class tenders is to be made to identify those that don't belong to club members. Non club members will be asked to remove their tenders. Any tenders that can not be associated with an owner will be deemed to be abandoned and will be treated as such under the "Unclaimed Goods Act 1987" http://www.legislation.sa.gov.au/LZ/C/A/UNCLAIMED%20GOODS%20ACT%201987.aspx